Libyan Rebels Advance On Breg..

Al Jazeera

Libyan rebels are advancing westwards after recapturing the strategic eastern town of Ajdabiya from government controls with the help of coalition airstrikes.

Reports on Saturday afternoon suggested rebels had already pressed onto the oil-port town of Brega, 80 kilometres to the west.

"We are in the centre of Brega," rebel fighter Abdelsalam al-Maadani told the AFP news agency by telephone.

But there were reports too that pro-Gaddafi forces were attacking the opposition-held city of Misurata with heavy shelling, rebels told the Reuters news agency.

Earlier, rebels celebrated on the streets of Ajdabiya after driving pro-Gaddafi forces out of the town.

"There is no doubt about it, you can probably hear some of the celebrations behind me, Ajdabiya is in opposition hands," Al Jazeera's James Bays said from the city on Saturday as celebratory gunfire rang out.

"Gaddafi forces have been controlling the ring road that goes around Ajdabiya ... that has been the situation for six days, but they have now been cleared from that position."

"The opposition forces tell me there may be some pro-Gaddafi forces hiding, snipers possibly on buildings, they are telling us to take care," he said, but he added that Ajdabiya was "firmly back under the control of opposition fighters".

But Libyan government officials said that the army had withdrawn to save residents from more bloodshed.

Rebel forces had initially captured Ajdabiya during an advance along Libya's east coast that was halted and reversed in a counter-offensive by government forces backed by superior air power earlier this month. But coalition airstrikes have tipped the balance back towards the rebels, Bays said.

"The road is open beyond Ajdabiya, and [the rebels] are heading, streaming along that road ... they are on the road and they are moving forward," Bays reported.

Many fighters belonging to forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi were also taken hostage by rebels. Among them, according to reports in the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, is one of Gaddafi's most senior soldiers, General Bilgasim Al-Ganga, said Al Jazeera's Sue Turton.

"We're hearing reports that the number three in Gaddafi's army, Bilgasim Al-Ganga, has been captured overnight in fighting in Ajdabiya. He has a fierce reputation among the opposition who accuse him of committing many atrocities under the Gaddafi regime," our correspondent said.

On Friday, western warplanes bombed Gaddafi's tanks and artillery outside the town to break the battlefield stalemate and help rebels retake the town.

Plumes of smoke filled the sky as the pace of coalition air strikes escalated, forcing terrified residents to flee Ajdabiya, which is 160km south of the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

In Benghazi, Turton said the rebels now believed they had government forces "on the back foot".

"There is muted optimism. It really does feel the momentum of the Gaddafi forces has been stopped," our correspondent said. "They are not outwardly celebrating but they are definitely optimistic."

Misurata fighting

New coalition airstrikes were reported on Saturday near Misurata where forces loyal to Gaddafi shelled an area on the outskirts of the city on Friday, killing six people including three children, a rebel said.

The port city has experienced some of the heaviest fighting between rebels and forces loyal to Gaddafi since the uprising began on February 16.

Officials and rebels said aid organisations were able to deliver some supplies to Misurata.

"There is a fairly regular supply going into Misurata," Simon Brooks, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross operations in eastern Libya, told Reuters.

"But we are deeply concerned about the reports we are receiving about fighting in the city."

Casualties have overwhelmed the local medical clinic and prompted international concern about the safety of civilians.

Residents say electricity, water and regular land and cell phone service to Misurata are not functioning. Reports from the city cannot be verified independently because Libyan authorities have prevented journalists from going there.

'Focused mission'

Meanwhile, Barack Obama, the US president, said Saturday that the military mission in Libya was succeeding.

"Because we acted quickly, a humanitarian catastrophe has been avoided and the lives of countless civilians - innocent men, women and children - have been saved," Obama said.

But Obama reiterated that the military mission was clear and focused and that the role of American forces had been limited.

"Our military has provided unique capabilities at the beginning, but this is now a broad, international effort... Key Arab partners like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have committed aircraft. And as agreed this week, responsibility for this operation is being transferred from the United States to our NATO allies and partners.

"This is how the international community should work - more nations, not just the United States, bearing the responsibility and cost of upholding peace and security."

Meanwhile, the African Union, which has rejected foreign intervention in Libya's affairs, said on Friday it plans to facilitate talks to help end the conflict.

"The AU action is ... aiming at facilitating dialogue between the Libyan parties on reforms to be launched to
eliminate the root causes of the conflict," the union's commission chairman Jean Ping told a meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

He said that the process should end with democratic elections in Libya.

It was the first statement by the AU since the UN Security Council imposed a no-fly zone last week and a Western coalition began air strikes on Libyan military targets.

Libya's delegation to the meeting, at which the rebels were not represented, called for an end to air strikes and said the government was committed to upholding a ceasefire it declared on Sunday.

The delegation said Tripoli is ready to implement an AU roadmap to resolve the Libyan crisis, while also demanding a halt to the Western-led coalition's military intervention.

The AU roadmap calls for an immediate end to all hostilities, "cooperation on the part of the relevant Libyan authorities to facilitate humanitarian aid," and "protection for all foreign nationals, including African migrant workers."

'Freelance foreign policy'

Anita McNaught, Al Jazeera's correspondent in the Libyan capital of Tripoli, said it was not the first time that a Libyan delegation "conducted a little freelance foreign policy on the sideline" and that there was no way of telling if the offer was sincere.

"In much the same way, we had the foreign ministry go out on a limb a few days ago and say that they declared a ceasefire," she said.

"That was in complete contradiction of the facts on the ground and also the rhetoric coming from Colonel Gaddafi himself who wasn’t saying anything to do with a ceasefire.

"He was saying: We'll fight to the death; we'll chase you into your homes. We'll pursue this war to the end."

A rebel spokesman in Benghazi said they weren't consulted in this initiative. Some reports say they were not even invited to the meeting, while others say they were but refused to go. Some others are saying there are no opening for negotiations and that they simply want the bombing to stop and Gaddafi and his family to leave.

However, diplomatic efforts may be sidelined, if a Washington Post report with respect to US and NATO considering arming the Libyan opposition is confirmed.

The newspaper, citing unamed US and European officials, said that the Obama administration believes the UN resolution that authorised international intervention in Libya has the "flexibility" to allow such assistance.

According to it, Gene Cretz, the recently withdrawn US ambassador to Libya, said administration officials were having "the full gamut" of discussions on "potential assistance we might offer, both on the non-lethal and the lethal side".
Source:Al Jazeera and agencies

P/S- source from and thanks (
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Terima Kasih Staff Fever Centre Hospital Selayang!!!

Semalam, Jumaat Mac 25, 2011 kawe telah ke hospital Selayang keraa bawak tunang kawe mendapatkan rawatan kerana batuknya telah masuk minggu ke tiga. Pada mulanya kawe bawak dia ke klinik kesohatan Sg Buloh kerana pada pagi semalam kawe telah mendapat surat dari sebuah klinik swasta agar tunang kawe membuat imbasan x-ray.

Pagi semalam kawe bersama tunang ke Klinik Kesihatan Sg Buloh. Biarpun kawe berat hari tapi terpaksalah pergi demi kesihatan tunang kawe. Sampai di sana tunang kawe dberikan no giliran 17 di bilik no 3. Sebaik masuk ke bilik dokter, kam menceritakan yang tunang kawe batuk sudah selama 3 minggu dan menunjukkan bersama surat rujukan dari klinik swasta yang kami pergi awal pagi.

Tanpa melakukan sebarang pemeriksaan seperti kebiasaan yang dilakukan dokter terhadap sesiapa yang batuk misalnya melihat ke dalam tekak, tekanan darah atau suhu badan, dokter menyuruh darah tunang kawe diambil. Sempat juga kawe bertanya bagaimana dengan ujian x-ray. Dokter menyatakan perlu ambil darah terlebih dahulu. Terus kawe ke bilik 6 untuk mengambl darah dan menghantanya ke makmal.

Selesai meyerahkan darah di makmal Klinik Kesihatan Sg buloh, staff makmal menjelaskan Isnin dan Selasa minggu depan kawe perlu datang untuk menyerahkan kahak tunang kawe kepada makmal. Kami perlu datang lagi sekali pada 7 April 2011 untuk mengetahui keputusan darah dan kahak. Barulah akan diputuskan sama ada hendak buat imbasan x-ray atau tidak. Selepas itu kawe bertanya adakah perlu berjumpa doktor selepas ini. Dia menjelaskan kami boleh balik terus...????

Kawe rasa sangat terkilan kerana yang pertama walaupun disertakan surat agar tunang kawe melakukan imbasan x-ray, tetapi tidak diambil pot oelh doktor tersebut. Yang ke dua, kenapa kawe perlu menunggu lagi 2 minggu untuk tahu keputusan darah dan kenapa sampai 7 April 2011 barulah dapat diputuskan sama ada perlu lakukan x-ray atau tidak. Ketiga, kawe disuruh pulang tanpa diberikan sebarang ubatan sedangkan tunang kawe berada dalam keadaan batuk yang teruk. (3 minggu batuk sehinggakan kahak berdarah- adalah salah satu dari simpton penyakit tb. Bukankah ia melibatkan penyakit berbahaya kenapa perlu tarikh yang begitu jauh untuk lakukan imbasan x-ray, keputusan darah dan tanpa ubatan.

Persoalannya sekarang tunang kawe sudah batuk sekian lama, jika hendak menunggu sehingga 7 April 2011 (birthday kawe tuh), bagaimakah agaknya keadaan tunang kawe 2 minggu lagi. Sedangkan ubat tidak dibekalkan. Adakah tunang kawe perlu merana lagi dua minggu. Kawe rasa pening tetapi tidak berani bersuara kerana fikir mungkin ini adalah prosedur biasa bagi kes batuk. Sebenarnya kami hendak lakukan imbasan x-ray dan hendak tahu keputusan darah kerana bimbang kalau-kalau batuk tunang kawe menjado lebih kronik. Kepala kami berserabut memikirkan kenapa batuk menjadi teruk sedangkan klinik swasta sudah 3 klinik kami pergi. Hati tak akan tenang selagi tidak tahu panyakit tunang kawe. Oh ya, tunang kawe juga tidak mendapat MC dan kawe yang membawanya tidak mendapat time slip sebagai support documant untuk diberikan kepada company kawe (kawe EL half day)


Kami pulang dengan hati kecewa. Sebagai warganegara Malaysia, kami agak sedih kerana tidak dapat menikmati kemudahan dan perkhidmatan yang sepatutnya tunang kawe dapat. Dalam hati yang luluh, batuk tunang kawe semakin teruk. Kami akhirnya nekad ke Hospital Selayang yang mana sebelum ini kawe pernah pergi x-ray kepala kawe (selalu migrain) dan imbasan x-ray dapat dilakukan serta merta.

Kawe dengan tunang terus ke Hospital Selayang dan ke jabatan kecemasan kerana tunang kawe sudah muntah-muntah. Sampai di bahagian kecemasan, di kaunter saringan tunang kawe diperiksa dan kami diminta ke bahagaian Fever Centre di jabatan Kecemasan Hospita Selayang. Dalam hati kawe tidak menaruh harapan besar yang ujian darah dapat diketahui keputusannya pada hari ini dan imbasan x-ray akan dilakukan.

Masuk ke Fever Centre, tunng kawe diambil darah dan diminta MELAKUKAN IMBASAN X-RAY!!! Kawe terkejut kerana dapat dilakukan imbasan X-ray serta merta. Malu pada diri kerana kawe fikir negatif pada sistem di Hospital Selayang ini. Selepas imbsan x-ray dilakukan, kawe dan tunang masuk ke bilik doktor dan pada masa yang sama doktor iti menunjukkan keputusan x-ray kepada kawe. Alhamdulillah, tunang kawe juga tidak disyaki mendapat penyakit kronik. Begitu juga dengan keputusan darahnya yang normal. Syukur pada ALLAH S.W.T.

Juga tanpa diminta doktor di Fever Centre (bilik no 3) memberikan kami MC dan juga time slip. Juga diberikan 5 jenis ubat kepada tunang kawe. Kami pulang dengan hati yang tenang, gembira dan cukup-cukup berpuas hati.

Kawe dan tunang kawe ingin mengucapkan jutaan TERIMA KASIH kepada staff bilik 1, doktor bilik 3 di Fever Centre (25 Mac 2011 -morning shift), jabatan Kecemasan Hospital Selayang diatas perkhidmatan yang terbaik. Dengan layanan nurse yang sentiasa senyum dan bertutur kata lemah lembut serta kerjasama yang cukup tinggi. Terima kasih semua.

Apa yang kawe nak simpulkan ialah, harapan kawe Klinik Kesihatan Sg Buloh mempertingkatkan kualiti perkhidmatan mereka. Kawe cadangkan adaptasilah 'KAIZEN' dalam gerak kerja anda. Dan kepada bahagaian Fever Centre, jabatan Kecemasan Hospital Selayang, teruskan memberikan perkhidmatan cemerlang anda. Tak mustahil Hospital Selayang adalah hospital pilihan kawe di masa akan datang. Adiosssss.... aRMaNiZaN.
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Pemuda Putus Cinta Nekad Terjun Bangunan!

Gambar hiasan yang tak ada kene mangena dengan berita ni..

SERDANG: Kecewa selepas putus cinta dengan teman wanita, seorang lelaki berusia 27 tahun nekad terjun dari sebuah pangsapuri 15 tingkat di Serdang Perdana, dekat sini awal pagi semalam.

Kejadian kira-kira jam 2 pagi itu menyebabkan mangsa meninggal dunia di tempat kejadian selepas mengalami kecederaan parah di kepala.

Ketua Polis Serdang, Superintendan Abd Razak Elias berkata, siasatan awal menunjukkan mangsa baru putus cinta dengan teman wanitanya berusia 19 tahun.

Katanya, sebelum kejadian mangsa menghantar SMS kepada rakan-rakannya memaklumkan mahu membunuh diri akibat putus cinta

“Mayat mangsa dihantar ke Hospital Serdang untuk bedah siasat sebelum diserahkan kepada keluarga,” katanya ketika ditemui pada sidang media selepas Sambutan Hari Polis Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah di Balai Polis Serdang, semalam.
Menurutnya, kes itu diklasifikasikan sebagai mati mengejut

P/S- sumber dari dan terima kasi ( Ada lagi budak bodo bunuh diri. Kalau semalam di negeri kawe dapat diselamatkan, kali ni si bodo ni mati gak akhirnya. Jangan negara kita jadi macam Jepun yang kadar kematian disebabkan membunuh diri tinggi. Harap-harap budak bodo di luar sana hargai nyawa yang dikurniakan ALLAH S.W.T. Banyak jalan lain yang ada selain bunuh diri...bengong!!!
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Nyaris Maut Bunuh Diri!!!

KOTA BHARU: Sekeping tilam yang dipinjam dari premis berdekatan memisahkan seorang gadis berusia lingkungan 20-an dengan maut selepas dipercayai cuba membunuh diri dengan terjun dari tingkat tiga pusat beli-belah KB Mall di sini, petang semalam.

Dalam kejadian kira-kira jam 3.50 petang itu, gadis berkenaan yang memakai baju-T putih dan berseluar jeans biru, sempat mengacukan pisau kepada anggota bomba yang cuba menghalangnya dari terjun dari ketinggian kira-kira 30 meter.

Kejadian yang mengundang panik ratusan pengunjung pusat beli-belah berkenaan itu, turut menyaksikan drama mendebarkan apabila gadis itu tergantung kira-kira tiga minit ketika anggota bomba cuba memaut tangannya sebelum dia jatuh dan mendarat di atas tilam berkenaan.

Difahamkan, gadis itu cuba membunuh diri kerana menghadapi masalah cinta dengan teman lelakinya. Saksi kejadian, Mohd Syah Azrul Afandi Yusof, 25, berkata, sebelum menyaksikan aksi mendebarkan itu, dia melihat gadis berkenaan mundar-mandir di tingkat berkenaan dan terkejut apabila dia cuba mengelar lengannya dengan pisau.

“Sebelum jam 4 petang, saya lihat dia di berlegar-legar di tingkat tiga pusat beli-belah KB Mall. Dia juga dilihat cuba mengelar leher dan lengannya.

“Tindakannya itu disedari orang ramai yang kemudian menghubungi bomba,” katanya.

Sementara itu, Penguasa Bahagian Operasi Negeri Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Kelantan, Shahrin Yusmal Mat Yusof berkata, pihaknya menerima panggilan jam 3.54 petang sebelum bergegas ke tempat kejadian bersama 16 anggota Balai Bomba dan Penyelamat Kota Bharu serta Pengkalan Chepa.

Menurutnya, mereka terpaksa memujuk dan bergelut selama 20 minit dengan gadis terbabit memandangkan dia enggan bekerjasama, malah mengacukan pisau menyebabkan tiga anggota bomba yang cuba menyelamatkannya mengambil langkah berhati-hati.

“Mangsa enggan bekerjasama dan meronta-ronta minta dilepaskan menyebabkan berlakunya pergelutan. Ketika usaha memujuk, mangsa yang memegang sebilah pisau turut mengacukan senjata itu kepada anggota bomba.

“Kita sempat memaut tangannya tetapi gadis itu meronta-ronta menyebabkan dia terjatuh selepas pautan tangannya terlepas daripada pegangan anggota bomba,” katanya.

P/S- sumber dari dan terima kasih ( Kawe buat kabur muka awek ni pasal tak nak aibkan dia. Apa punya manusia la. Banyak lagi jalan peyelesaian daripada bunuh diri. Buat malu negeri jah..bengong!!!
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Japan In Frantic Bid To Cool Reactors

Japanese military helicopters have dumped water on an overheating nuclear plant damaged by last week's deadly earthquake.

Cooling functions at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, about 220km north of Tokyo, have been damaged and workers are engaged in a desperate bid to avert a nuclear meltdown.

On Thursday morning, helicopters dumped around 30 tonnes of water, all aimed at two of the plant's six reactors.

Al Jazeera's Andrew Thomas, reporting from Osaka, said "four flights were made and of those water-drops by the helicopters, only one hit its target". The effort has since been abandoned, he said.

"Given that more than a hundred would be required to hit dead-on to fill the reactors with enough water to cool the rods, it is – forgive the phrase – a bit of drop in the ocean at the moment," our correspondent said.

The cooling systems at both reactors are not functioning, raising fears that spent fuel rods could melt and release radioactive material outside the building.

Police water cannons were also set to support the effort in addition to equipment already in use over recent days at the plant.

Tokyo Electric Power Co, which operates the plant, said late on Thursday that it was working to connect outside power cables to two of the plant's reactors in an effort to restart their cooling pumps.

The number 2 reactor is said to be the first to receive electricity.

Toshimi Kitazawa, Japan's defence minister, said an additional 11 military vehicles would be deployed for efforts to help cool the reactors, while pumps supplied by the US armed forces were also being transferred.

But as authorities scrambled with a patchwork of fixes, the top US nuclear regulator warned that the cooling pool for spent fuel rods at reactor number 4 may have run dry and another was leaking.

Gregory Jaczko, head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, told a parliamentary hearing that radiation levels around the cooling pool were extremely high, posing deadly risks for workers toiling in the wreckage of the earthquake-shattered power plant.

"It would be very difficult for emergency workers to get near the reactors. The doses they could experience would potentially be lethal doses in a very short period of time," he said in Washington. Japan's nuclear agency said it could not confirm if water was covering the fuel rods.

Nuclear safety

The government's Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency said the top priority should be pouring water into the fuel-rod pools at reactors 3 and 4, which may be boiling and are not fully covered by roofs that would reduce radiation leaks.

The nuclear agency said two radioactive substances, cesium and radioactive iodine, have been detected near the Fukushima number 1 reactor.

The agency said this indicates that some of the metal containers of uranium fuel may have started melting. The substances are produced by fuel fission, NHK, Japan's broadcaster, said.

Bad weather conditions are impeding rescue and relief efforts [Getty]

Naoto Sekimura, a University of Tokyo professor, told NHK that only a small part of the fuel may have melted and leaked outside.

He called on residents near the power station to stay calm, saying that most of the fuel remains inside the reactor, which has stopped operation and is being cooled.

Some 70 workers have been using pumps to pour seawater to cool reactors at the plant, according to media reports, using electricity from borrowed mobile generators.

Paul Carroll, a programme director at Ploughshares, an international nuclear security foundation, told Al Jazeera that the engineers at the plant are doing heroic work.

"In order to be adequately protected from the radiation they would need to have essentially leaded shielding. If that is what they are equipped with, it would make it extremely difficult for them to actually move around.

"I suspect that these are almost – I hate to say it – suicide missions. These workers have signed up for a mission that puts themselves behind their countrymen," Carroll said.

Imad Khadduri, a nuclear scientist based in Qatar, told Al Jazeera that Japanese authorities are "thinking of bringing in retired workers to the plant because they have a short lifetime left".

"People who are exposed to such high levels of radiation can only do that for a certain period before developing radiation sickness and will have to be replaced," Khadduri added.

Death toll

Meanwhile, the official death toll from last Friday's twin disasters has risen to 5,198, Japanese police has confirmed, with relief efforts being hampered by adverse weather conditions in the north of Japan.

The 8.9-magnitude quake - the biggest in Japan's history - triggered a massive tsunami that decimated large tracts of the country's northeastern coastline.

"Half a million people are still living in evacuation centres. The cold and the ice make rescue efforts very difficult," our correspondent said.

The US state department late on Wednesday authorised the voluntary departure of embassy family members in quake-damaged Japan.

"We have not ordered them to leave. We have made this opportunity available to them should they choose to exercise it," Patrick Kennedy, a state department official said in a conference call to reporters.

The authorisation applies to around 600 family members of diplomats in the US embassy in Tokyo, the consulate in Nagoya and a language school in Yokohama, Kennedy said.

P/S- source thanks to Al Jazeera and agencies (
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March 2011 Japan Tsunami..

Here pictures from Japan when and after tsunami hit..

picture thanks to (

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Berita Baik Untuk Ibu Yang Bakal Bersalin...

Alhamdulillah, selepas sekian lama kawe mencari akhirnya ketemu jua apa yang kawe cari.Iaitu sebuah pusat rawatan Islamic yang mana khusus untuk kaum hawa. Bagi ibu yang bakal bersalin, tidak perlu ke hospital yang mana doktor sakit puan nya adalah lelaki kerana anda boleh bersalin di sebuah pusat kesihatan yang doktor sakit puan nya wanita dan segala pembantu jururawatnya juga wanita.

Ini lah cara bersalin yang mengikut syariat Islam sebenar. Oleh itu, suami yang tidak mahu digelas dayus (membenarkan kemaluan isterinya ditatapi lelaki lain) silalah beralih ke pusat rawatan yang menyediakan doktor wanita dan pembantu wanita. Kawe bukan nak promosi mana-mana pusat rawatan tetapi yang kawe tahu setakat ini ialah di Hospital Pakar Pusrawi. Tetapi detailnya kawe tidak tahu apa pakej bersalin yang ditawarkan dan bagaimana caranya.

Apa yang kawe nak kongsikan ialah di Kelantan ada satu pusat rawatan iaitu Pusat Perubatan An-Nisa'.Kawe cuba surf webpage nya dan tertarik dengan pakej bersalin yang ditawarkan. Paling menarik, jika mereka yang tidak berkemampuan boleh menabung bayaran bersalin terlebih dahulu. Misalnya isteri kita bakal bersalin 9 bulan lagi, tetapi kita sudah boleh membayar secara ansur-ansur bermula sekarang. Maknanya kita tidak akan terbeban untuk mengeluarkan wang sekaligus bila isterikita bersalin nanti. Jika dikatakanisteri kita terbersalin di hospital lain,wang tabunganakan dipulankan. Menarik bukan. Untuk meklumat lanjut boleh lawati main webpage mereka di

Kawe walaupun bakal berkahwin Ogos 2011 nanti, tetap nak menabung awal-awal supaya bini kawe bersalin di sini. Kawe tak nak jadi dayus dan menanggung dosa kerana tidak menjaga aurat dan maruah isteri...aRMaNiZaN..
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Rakyat Tewaskan Tentera Kerajaan...

TRIPOLI: Penentang kerajaan berjaya menghalang cubaan tentera yang setia kepada Muammar Gaddafi untuk merampas semula bandar Zawiya selepas bertempur selama enam jam, kata saksi semalam. Pemberontak - termasuk tentera yang berpaling tadah - menggunakan kereta kebal, mesingan dan senjata antipesawat menghadapi serangan penyokong Gaddafi yang juga menggunakan senjata sama.

Kata saksi, bandar paling hampir dengan ibu negara Libya itu diserang dari enam arah tetapi tiada laporan kematian diterima. Zawiya terletak kira-kira 50 kilometer di barat Tripoli. Cubaan sama dilakukan tentera pro-Gaddafi pada malam kelmarin ke atas bandar Misrata, bandar ketiga terbesar di Libya dan terletak 200 kilometer di timur Tripoli.

Bagaimanapun, cubaan itu digagalkan penentang kerajaan. Pemberontak berkata, mereka tidak akan mengalah walau apa pun terjadi. “Kami tahu bandar ini sangat strategik dan penyokong Gaddafi berjuang mahu menguasainya. “Mereka berjaya ditewaskan kerana kami bersemangat tinggi, manakala mereka langsung tidak bersemangat,” katanya.

Gaddafi yang menjadi pemimpin Libya sejak 41 tahun lalu kini hanya menguasai Tripoli dan bandar berhampiran, manakala selebihnya jatuh ke tangan pemberontak.

Kata saksi, pemuda Zawiya ditempatkan di bumbung bangunan tinggi bagi memantau setiap pergerakan tentera pro-Gaddafi. Saksi juga mendakwa, rejim Gaddafi menawarkan wang lumayan kepada pemberontak supaya menyerahkan semula bandar berkenaan.

Kelmarin, rejim Gaddafi cuba menunjukkan mereka adalah pihak berkuasa yang sah dengan menghantar 18 lori sarat berisi tepung gandum, gula dan telur ke Benghazi - bandar kedua terbesar Libya. - AP

P/S- sumber dari dan thanks to (

Sama-sama kita berdoa moga ALLAH S.W.T terus menerus memberikan kemenangan kepada rakyat Libya.. Takbir!!! ALLAHUAKHBAR!!!
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